Regular hours resume on September 7 2021


Ottawa Public Library will return to regular pre-pandemic hours at most branches starting Tuesday, September 7, 2021 — including Sunday hours at 10 branches and InfoService as of Sunday, September 12.  

Hours are posted at branch entrances and on the Hours and location page of the OPL website.   

Fitzroy Harbour and Vernon branches are reopening after being closed since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.  

Notice - Carlingwood branch


The elevator at the Carlingwood branch is currently unavailable.

Rideau branch-Elevator out of service


The elevator at Rideau is currently out of service for maintenance and repairs. Service will be restored on Monday, September 27th.

Holiday Closure: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


All Ottawa Public Library branches will be closed on Thursday, September 30. Access our online services 24/7 on the Ottawa Public Library website.

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Active Living Podcast


Kristy: Hello, I’m Kristy with the Ottawa Public Library. Today we’re talking about Pickleball. Diana: My name is Diana Honkanen. I first got introduced to Pickleball in 20, November 2011 when I was taking fitness classes at the Churchill Seniors Centre. Solange: My name is Solange Wolf. Pickleball is a mix of three sports: tennis, badminton and ping-pong. For Pickleball you just need, you need a paddle. So, if you have played tennis before it’s a much smaller paddle. Kristy: Humm hum. Solange: And we have a Wiffle ball that we play with. Michael: Hi, my name is Michael David. It is mostly a word-of-mouth sport. _____: We learned Pickleball in Texas. We played six times a week, five times a week. It was a great way to stay in shape. Michael: Its got a lot of action. It’s a sport that you can pick up reasonably quickly and you can become proficient reasonably quickly which means there is more action in the game. Diana: Also if you have any injuries like hip replacement or knee replacement or even heart conditions, there is not as much stop and go as there is tennis or in badminton and other sports where you might have to jump or you might have to do… I mean people do do it, but you don’t have to do it to play the sport properly or well. Michael: I play roughly on average five days a week. It’s the only sport I should say that I’ve played year round. The beauty about Pickleball is it’s played outdoors and indoors. In the gyms, it’s played on the badminton’s courts and outdoors there are some tennis clubs that are transitioning to Pickleball so they are painting courts on the tennis courts. Diana: As a retiree, it actually, it’s really good because it gets you out and you have, you start meeting a lot of other people of the same, with the same interests. And the fact that you are going out doing something that’s physically active and in the summer time if you are playing outdoors you are also getting the benefits of fresh air. Solange: But the great thing about Pïckleball also it’s, like for example myself, the whole family plays: the grandsons, everybody. You can learn it so quickly and it’s a fast game, it’s much faster than tennis and it’s fun. Michael: It is wonderful for the older adults but I want to tell older adults bring your kids, bring your grandkids. In fact, we have many tournaments where a parent and a child are partnered in the tournament. Kristy: Why is it called Pickleball? Michael: There’s rumors. Somebody probably knows for sure but the original one was: the name of the inventors’ dog was named Pickles. (Kristy laugh) Micheal: We have to deal with the name. The main thing that you’ll find is you’ll find four people in relatively close proximity to each other trying to outdo each other. Solange: It’s just a super wonderful sport.