Regular hours resume on September 7 2021


Ottawa Public Library will return to regular pre-pandemic hours at most branches starting Tuesday, September 7, 2021 — including Sunday hours at 10 branches and InfoService as of Sunday, September 12.  

Hours are posted at branch entrances and on the Hours and location page of the OPL website.   

Fitzroy Harbour and Vernon branches are reopening after being closed since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.  

Notice - Carlingwood branch


The elevator at the Carlingwood branch is currently unavailable.

Rideau branch-Elevator out of service


The elevator at Rideau is currently out of service for maintenance and repairs. Service will be restored on Monday, September 27th.

Holiday Closure: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


All Ottawa Public Library branches will be closed on Thursday, September 30. Access our online services 24/7 on the Ottawa Public Library website.

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Who's Watching podcast


Ewan: My name is Ewan and I am ten. Alec: My name is Alec and I am eight years old. Devin: Do you think that ads for different kinds of food and drink that get shown when kids are usually watching tv like in the morning and cartoon time, do you think they should get controlled somehow so kids are not as influenced? Alec: I think they should get reduced, ‘cause then the kids aren’t just, like, talking to their mom constantly, every weekend, morning saying: “Can I have that, Can I have that, Can I have that, Can I have that?” Devin: What about you Ewan? Ewan: Not too many candy ads. Devin: Do you think nutrition should be a factor in what gets advertised? Should it be healthy, or? Ewan: Umm, sometimes. Ya. Alec: Yes, I do. Devin: Who should decide who is allowed to put those kind of ads on tv? Alec: The government, probably. Sonia Jean-Philippe: Marketing of food and beverages to children is a topic that has been around for many years in public health. So it’s not necessarily new, but when the liberals came in to power part of the letter of mandate for the health minister was to look into restricting marketing to children. They launched the healthy eating strategy in October 2016, that had various elements of improving nutrition for Canadians, and one of them was to look into restricting marketing to children. And, us(Ottawa Public Health) as a municipal government provide feedback and are involved at a certain level with that. Sherry Lalonde: If you wanted to be pro-active, how would you encourage kids to eat better? Sonia Jean-Philippe: Well, nutrition it comes down to the early years. You have to start educating and building their healthy habits from a young age. One of the first things we talk a lot about is the division of responsibility. The parent decides what foods’ being offered, so offering healthy foods from all the food groups, balanced meals, what time you offer the food. The child’s role is to decide how much they want to eat. That’s essentially one of the first things that’s recommended, is really you offer the healthy food and your child will eat what they want. There will be challenges, the child might want to eat the same thing over and over, as long as it’s healthy, well at least they’re eating healthy food.