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Due to upgrades to the front entrance, the Alta Vista branch will be closed from July 26 to August 8. There will be no returns or holds pick-up during that time. Alta Vista branch will reopen August 9 at 10 am.   

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Frequently Asked Questions about wireless access

Can I print from my laptop using the Library’s printer?

Printers are not part of the Library’s wireless service. If you need to print, save the file to an external storage device (i.e. floppy disk, CD, or USB drive), and then print from one the of Library’s computer workstations.

Could I have I gotten a virus from your wireless network?

Viruses do not come from the network itself. They come from the Internet, often as attachments to e-mail. It is your responsibility to protect your device from viruses and hackers (e.g. by using up-to-date anti-virus software, firewalls, etc.)

Do I need special software or drivers to connect?

While you don’t need special software, up-to-date drivers have remedied many connection problems. The drivers included with the card may be several generations old. Updates are usually available on the vendor’s website.

Do I need to allow cookies to access Wireless at OPL?

Yes, you must allow cookies in order to use the OPL Wireless network. The cookie allows the network to recognize you as a valid library patron once you have authenticated by using your library barcode and PIN.

How long does my connection last?

There are currently no time limits set on use of the wireless network (within the library’s opening hours); however, you will be automatically logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you are logged out, simply re-open your browser and re-authenticate.

I got a “Page Cannot Be Found” message. What does this mean?

A “Page Cannot Be Found” message indicates that the page is being blocked by the library’s filter and is not accessible inside the library. This should only apply to juvenile library cards.

I have a question that is not answered here.

For general questions about the Library's wireless network, email InfoService@BiblioOttawaLibrary.ca. For specific questions about your hardware or software, contact the manufacturer.

I have problems connecting with Internet Explorer. What can I do?

In some cases, the proxy server setting is present in your browser. On a public network like the Library’s, it is important that you turn off proxy servers. The Library network cannot allow unauthenticated connections to external proxy servers for security reasons.

To deal with this issue, follow these steps:

  1. To check the proxy setting, go under Internet OptionsàConnections tab, and verify that the Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings are set to “Never dial a connection”.
  2. Under Local Area Network (LAN) Settings, uncheck each of the following: “Automatic Detect Settings”, “Use Automatic Configuration Script”, and “Use a Proxy Server for your LAN”.

My browser does not redirect to the Wireless Login Page

If the Wireless login page does not appear, go to the following website which will force the login page to display: neverssl.com